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The latest, and perhaps greatest, addition to World of Tanks has been the introduction of the new Light Tanks. For the Americans, we’re given:

T37 (Tier 6)

M41 Walker Bulldog (Tier 7)

T49 (Tier 8)

I am going to start my light tank reviews on the American lights, as I am most familiar with these and their play styles right now and have played them the most. Today, we’re going to start with the new Tier 6 scout, the T37.

The T37 looks like an already familiar tank for many players, the original tier 5 Chaffee. In fact, it feels right at home, with maybe the exception of acceleration, which can be rather anemic at times depending upon the terrain. It features a wonderful gun, the 76mm T91, with 150mm AP penetration and 199 APCR penetration, averaging 115 damage at 18.18 rounds per minute. As this tank can see battle tier 9, having these AP and APCR rounds are very handy.


T37 Research

As with many tanks, you’re going to need the upgrade tracks before mounting any equipment beyond binocs and a camo net. I would research in order:




76mm Gun T91

The autoloader isn’t that great of an option in my opinion, and the other 76mm Gun T94 should already be unlocked if you’ve played the American medium or light tanks previously. The grind is pretty painless, I hardly noticed any sort of disadvantage while playing this tank


+ Decent Terrain Resistance, able to turn quite well on most terrains

+ Acceptable top speeds for a tier 6 scout

– Anemic acceleration on certain terrain

– Tall profile makes some terrain un-usable

All in all, the mobility feels very balanced. When compared to the other scout tanks in its tier, it’s one of the faster tanks balanced by poor acceleration and slightly worse camo values.


+Typical scout camo on the move

-*Feels* like less camo than the other tier 6 scouts in passive situations

My own play style does not depend upon using the typical passive scouting routine, although I am pretty familiar and competent with it. However, I have found myself being spotted much more regularly in the T37 than many of the other tier 6 scouts I have played. Part of this may be due to an incomplete crew (only 76% though first skill, except commander with 6th sense). I’ve found myself often wondering how I was spotted in certain situations where I might not have been spotted in a tank such as the 59 16 or AMX 12t.

It’s certainly workable, however, and with a full camo crew this tank will probably be much more workable.


+ Great HP advantage over other tier 6 scouts

– Very prone to HE damage and ammo racks

Not much to say here. It’s a typical scout. HE can pen most everywhere you’re hit with the exception of the tracks or mantlet. As well, shots to your sides will frequently hurt your ammo rack or outright destroy it. However, when fighting other tier 6 scouts, your health pool and DPM are a tremendous asset to have.


+Good gun depression

+Great AP penetration when compared to other tier 6 scouts

+APCR for premium round

-Low round count, it’s easy to run out

Firepower is where this tank, and many of the new scout tanks, absolutely shine. I’ve written here as to why these new scouts are exactly what they should be in regards to firepower and ability. These new scouts can finally fight out of situations where previously it was left to the RNG gods to determine survival, and I believe this is good for the game and the matchmaking which this tank (tier 7-9) sees.




Coated Optics



Small Med

Small Repairs

Auto Ext or Cola

This tank cannot use a rammer, therefore I use vents instead. With 390 base view range + coated optics (+10% / 39m)  and a 100% commander, you’re going to have 429 view range. Combine this with Vents (+2.5% / 9.75m) and cola (+5% / 19.5), which all stack, and you can achieve an effective view range of 458.25m, very useful for burning through other tanks’ camo ability.

Crew Skills


Commander: 6th, Situational Awareness, Camo

Driver: Camo, Smooth Ride, Off-Road

Gunner: Camo, Snap Shot, Repairs

Loader: Safe Stowage, Camo, Repairs

Vision skills and camo, followed by gunnery skills should be the priorities. Of course, BIA is always a good choice once you’re at 350%. I would re-skill, ensuring that camo was always trained or training. (Wouldn’t suggest to keep camo on training. IMO, one of the main assets of LT’s is the camo, and you really want to have full camo asap, or at the very least 75% camo on 2nd skill before retraining. Same will apply for additional skills as well. Keeping as much Camo on this tank is vital. Commander is the radio as well, in this case sit awareness is better to have before recon)

As well, with the proposed update so that every tank now has 6th sense, this will affect crew training as well. If you have any questions about crew training, feel free to ask or comment within the WOTLabs forums.


I tend to now play my scout tanks in a consistent routine.

Early: Vision control and opportunistic damage dealing, deployment to key locations

How I establish this is map dependent, and often comes from a better developed feel for current map deployments. For example, a quick run down the middle on Himmelsdorf, with a sharp turn near the middle towards the 1-2 line and returning to “your” half of the base when in a bottom tier scout will give your team an idea of where the enemy is locating. However, when you’re “Top tier” (IE T37 in a tier 7 max battle) you might be better off taking a medium tank role and working the hill.

Mid-Game: Positioning for ambushes, looking for opportunities for assaults

As the enemy tanks continue to die, more and different firing lanes will open for you to either flank by movement (city map flanking) or flank by fire (stealth shots from range in an open map). It’s still important to establish vision, but do not get married to the idea of continuous lighting for your team (IE passive scouting). As the game progresses, just establishing locations and areas the enemy is NOT, is just as important. With map changes, being a purely vision control light tank is not very conducive to a win. Its certainly possible, but increasingly less likely. The glory days of 12k spotting on Malinovka are becoming harder and harder to come by.

Late-Game: Clean up, controlling both teams vision by area denial or area lighting

An aggressive but intelligently moving scout in the late stages of the game should be one of the most feared tanks in the game, given their mobility and (finally in 9.3) more powerful guns than previously. Utilize your tank’s mobility to constrict the enemy’s escape routes or dig them visually out of certain locations using your view range and camo. Hopefully, you’ve preserved your health through to this point, which becomes the final weapon in your arsenal needed to carry the day.

I would rate this scout tank as probably the best tier 6 scout overall. When compared to the typical tier 7 medium which matches this tank’s Matchmaking, I would rate it a solid 6.5 out of 10. When its top tier, its absolutely a beast. However, as the matchmaker throws you into higher tier battles you can sometimes struggle as your slower acceleration prevents you from being able to flank as effectively in some situations, as well as current map design makes some engagements trickier with higher tiers. However, unlike the older iterations of scout tanks, it is capable of taking its fate into its own hands.

Accompanying replay can be found here.

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