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The next line readers have asked me to review is the American heavy line.  The US heavy line has been among the most popular and effective lines since its introduction, offering a mix of playstyles and strengths with an emphasis on positional and hull down combat.  This line begins with the fearsome T29.  Let’s take a look.



The next tank in the US heavy line is the T32.  It takes many of the strengths of the superb T29 heavy tank and adds better armor, DPM, and more.  This should surely make the T32 a monster, right?  Let’s take a look.


The next step in the Chinese medium line is the WZ-120.  Unlike the T-34-X series, the WZ-120 is a straight up T-54 clone with chinese flavored tweaked modules.  This means the WZ-120 is slightly larger than its predecessors, and much sexier.  In fact, I think the WZ-120 is perhaps the most beautiful tank in WOT.





Next up is the T-34-2, an improved version of the tier 7 tank.  Like the T-34-1, this tank is rarely seen both due to the unpopularity of the line and the fact that most people play down the light tank branch (an unwise decision, given the crapiness of light matchmaking).  Like its predecessor, the T-34-2 combines an excellent hull with massive boom…this time, boom so massive it hits as hard as the largest heavy in tier.  Relative to tier, this is the hardest hitting Chinese medium, so naturally it comes at a cost.  Let’s take a look.



The third line viewers voted for me to review is the chinese medium line.  I imagine the reason this line got so many votes is because it is a relatively unpopular line and many players are unsure what to expect, or if its worth the effort to grind. Although I reviewed the T-34-1 only a few months ago, I decided to give it another look.


King-Tiger (Tiger II)

The next step in the German Heavy tank line review is the tier 8 King Tiger.  Featuring massive armor and a huge gun, this tank was a powerhouse in WW2 (if seriously flawed in some ways).  In WOT, the KT was once a favorite in tier, considered one of the best tanks in WOT.  As time and power creep have moved on, the tank is heard from less and less – not negative comments, not positive, nothing at all.  Let’s look at how this tank performs.



The next step in the German Heavy tank line review is the tier 9 E-75.  Intended as an upgrade to the KT, its extremely similar visually…but once you look under the hood, things are more different than you might think.  Let’s take a closer look.


tiger I

The second line readers voted for me to review is the original German heavy line (VK3001 → Vk3601 → Tiger 1 → King Tiger → E-75 → E-100).  This is a very old line, but one of the most popular and effective heavy tank lines in WOT.  Due to the fact that I reviewed the VK3001 and friends in my recent KV-1 challenge, I will start this line review with the tier 7 Tiger.


Several months ago I posted an E-100 replay where I did very little damage, yet I claimed I carried the team.  Some scoffed, so I explained how I won the game by letting my E-100 get shot up for a long time against a hostile T-57 platoon, which allowed my teammates to flank in and win.

That got a lot of interest, and people asked for other examples of when I had a large, positive contribution to winning a match that doesn’t show up in the stats.  Winning by outthinking the opponent, not by outfighting them.  I tried to find a few replays where I contributed almost nothing in dpg/kpg/spotting yet still played a crucial role.  Most of the time my impact is a combination of high damage combined with good tactics, but I wanted to find games that stripped away the damage to show only the tactics – how positioning, game flow, and so on can turn battles regardless of my individual performance.

This is easier said than done, as these games are the exceptions.  And as a disclaimer, some might try to use this article to claim that damage doesn’t matter.  That is not my intent – damage clearly matters.  The best and primary measure of a player’s contribution is in their overall damage stats.  If you aren’t putting out at least your HP in damage in large samples, you aren’t a good player no matter how good your tactics seem (in your mind).  That said, all damage is not equal, and the hidden impact of tactics is far too often ignored.

Unlike virtually every unicum in WOT, I play aggressively.  Most unica play a game of attrition – they try to sit back and let the pubbies flail against each other as they snipe into the blob, wearing down the hostiles while conserving their own strength.  When the field is weakened, they move in and mop up with a fresh tank and superior skills.  I tend not to do this.  Instead, I frequently scout first, engage first, and fight on the front until I die.  But although I am often described as reckless, I don’t fight blindly – I always 1) have a goal in mind – I don’t just pick a random strategy, I pick a strategy that will help me leverage my strengths into a win – and 2) try to fight on my terms – I pick a place and means to fight that gives me an advantage, or at least equal ground.  I always keep an eye out for the decisive moment – a key flank, a flex, a crushing attack that can turn the tide of a battle.  My goal is usually straightforward – to destroy the hostile tanks by fighting in a place/manner that I can win….but sometimes its more subtle.  Let’s take a look.


The end of the US autoloader line is the T57.  Widely feared, the T57 has excellent burst time and overall firing characteristics in a reasonably flexible platform.  While it is only fire support fire, it doesn’t have anywhere near as severe drawbacks as most autoloaders, and thus, has been considered the ideal support tank since its release.



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