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You load into Ruinberg in your Leopard 1. Easy, you think to yourself. I know where to go – field! Two minutes later, you find your tank in smolders. Your teammates, nowhere to be found, are all in town. What went wrong? You’re a Leo. Field does seem like the natural choice.

I see this happen all the time in non-unicum players. The problem is that you skipped over steps in your thought process. What’s important is not what your initial deployment is, but rather what your plan is and what advantage you want to abuse to win the game. An initial deployment is simply a location that optimizes something. The plan is generally what that something is. If you skip over looking for your advantage and formulating a plan, you will often times find your initial deployment to be bad, or at the very least, sub-optimal.



Let’s start with a game.

This is called the 30 circles game. To set up the game, you take a pen and paper, and you draw 30 circles, 5 rows of 6. Then, the game is that you have 60 seconds to fill in as many circles as possible. There are a few conditions though. First, you can’t cheat. After 60 seconds are up, you must be an honorabru gamer and put your pen down. Second, each circle must have something different in it. See picture below. Someone drew a character from Mario, music notes, etc. You get the idea. When you’re ready, set up a timer and begin. When you’re done, move on to the next paragraph.



Understanding Game Flow

So here’s the situation. You’re an up-and-coming tanker, watching the superunicums stream. You’re trying to learn from them. You turn on sela’s stream and while learning to “eatdix”, you’re also seeing how all of his decisions make sense. “Oh look he’s pushing.” “Oh look he’s flexing to the other flank.” “Oh look he’s defending the base.” It all makes sense to you.

Excited and erect, you load up that pub game, eager to eatdix in your WT Pz.IV or what other OP tank you have. But you can’t achieve the same results. Your team melts on the flank you’re not on, and you’re suddenly down 1-5. The game snowballs out of control. This happens a couple more times, and you think to yourself – “wow fuck my teams are bad.  well shit what could I have done better?” Well fear not, this article will hopefully guide you in your epic dix eating journey to not only understand the concept of game flow, but also how to use this knowledge to change the way you think about your play and – hopefully – win more games.



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