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This post is “chicken soup for my soul”, or damage padding for my sanity.  It has nothing to do with WoT/WoWP, just how the site is run.  You’ve been warned.


I’m traveling for a little over a week and won’t be here to keep you company.

However!  Here is a pile of updates!

World of Tanks

World of Warplanes

The official results are here.


Recap for the week
By RBS - 10/18/13

Updates for today

  • T-44-85 Review.  I braved the noobishness and team killing on the test server.  Many Bothans died for this information… because I killed them in the T-44-85.
  • First Impressions for new World of Warplanes patch THE END OF AUTOAIM

In case you missed it…

World of Tanks content this week:

World of Warplanes content this week:


We have several new videos up today:

I’ll be out of town for the weekend, but I’ve added a ton of things today to keep you busy!

For the Earn Your Steel missions this week, I’ve added reviews and gameplay video guides:

MillardTheMK from worldoftankstutor.com pitched in and gave some great videos this week:

StranaMechy[RDDT] shows how penetration loses value over distance.  Yes, there are more hidden stats we have to take into account.  Boo.

How to use autoaim in World of Warplanes, for those interested in flying pixel tank content.


The official patch notes are here. (more…)

1st week (in the past)

  • Type T-34
  • Stug III
  • Churchill I

2nd week (this weekend)

  • T1 Heavy
  • T-34
  • AT2

3rd week (next weekend)

  • M4
  • BDR
  • T49

Part one of the missions is here, and the rest will be similar: kill 20 tanks with the tanks above to get 7 days of premium, 1 million credits, some premium consumables.

Reviews for each of the tanks needed for the third part of the missions is here.

Since people are terrible at keeping secrets, rumor has it that if you complete the multi-stage tier 5 missions you get an IS-6 as prize.

Where did this come from: “a source”.

Why would Wargaming do that?

  1. Most people already have their tier 8 premium of choice anyway
  2. IS-6 isn’t a good credit earner with the increased APCR costs, which it relies on
  3. The missions are taking several tier 5’s each week, which means gold spent to grind or get them.   So in effect, people are possibly paying for the IS-6 in some way
  4. People who don’t pay for premium most likely won’t have the necessary tanks or XP/credits to complete this mission
  5. Wargaming has said before that their goal isn’t to sell premium tanks.  They value gold and premium time purchased since those are ongoing revenue streams.


BTW: Next weeks’ tier 5 tanks are the T1 Heavy, AT2, and T-34.  The EU server is one week ahead on this, so we’ll know in NA what tanks to get beforehand.

I’ve played ~100 or so games on the test server before the patch went live, and ~20 games this morning.  Here are my thoughts on patch 8.8, in no particular order:


Personally, I’ve experienced a big jump in FPS performance.  Other people are reporting a significant loss in performance.  Right now there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to who got the benefit or detriment.

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