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Watch some of the best tankers play live with commentary. You can also ask them questions about the game.

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Neverwish, the creator of WoTLabs, also streams from time to time, check it out!

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World of Tanks is a game that has many different mods. Most mods do nothing more but make your game look pretty, but some can actually help you win by providing you with critical information.  Here are some of the best mods for World of Tanks.


Locostan’s enhanced minimap mod gives information that isn’t otherwise available and is incredibly helpful.  Forget XVM, this mod actually helps you win the game, and here’s how:

XVM for World of Tanks
By RBS - 09/13/13

XVM is a program that pulls in statistical data about the players: winrate, efficiency/WN7, and color coding for easily identifying different types of players and tanks.  It even tries to predict the winner based on the individuals involved.

The idea is that it allows a player to target the most dangerous individuals first and/or ignore weaker players to increase the teams’ winning chances.  In practice it seems to be more of a “griefing” tool, with players berating one another over their performance (or lack of).  Personally, I don’t use it, but I also don’t care if other people do.

The installation guide is located within the doc/readme-en.txt file.

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