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Watch some of the best tankers play live with commentary. You can also ask them questions about the game.

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Neverwish, the creator of WoTLabs, also streams from time to time, check it out!

Streamer Server Status
Neverwish NA OFFLINE


Currently the website gets over 25,000 visits per day, and a server to keep up with such a demand does not come cheap! If you find the website worth it, please consider donating!

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Ever wondered what to do on any given map?  Well, now you have a purple giving you advice right on your loading screen!

Map guides are here.

Explanation of what the lines mean here.



World of Tanks Tutor by MillardTheMKMillardTheMK is running WorldofTanksTutor.com, a site dedicated to world of tanks coaching that helps people get better!  If more people did this, the quality of games would skyrocket.

Secondary title: “I’m out of scotch, and it’s not even noon”.

Track your Stats
By RBS - 09/12/13


All of the following sites track your recent (24 hour), weekly, 30-day, and 60-day performance simply by signing up and/or searching for yourself on the site.  They generate signatures to use in forums as well.  Below are what makes each site unique.

wotlabs.net – WotLabs has a vibrant forum and community at forum.wotlabs.net, which I highly encourage.  The best players congregate there and will answer your questions, as well as being a good community.

mywotstats.com – Clean interface and speedy performance keep me coming back.

noobmeter.com – In addition to hosting replays, they keep performance statistics on individual tanks as well as an “OP (overpowered) rating” which tries to quickly show which tanks are over-performing.


The dossier file is the file on your computer which keeps track of your progress.

vbaddict.net – Allows either upload of the dossier or a program to auto-upload and keep progress, as well as incredible reports on the exact performance metrics of every tank: damage, kills, hit rate, etc.

wot dossier – Upload your dossier file to have it show reports based on your progress.  Simple and clean.

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