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I’ve recently started a new account on the EU server; it’s been a unique experience starting over with a clean account with no silver, gold, premium planes, trained crew members, free experience, premium account time, and all the shiny stuff from being an alpha tester. This experience has forced me to carefully spend every bit of currency right from the start, so I wanted to share some tips and ideas with everyone else.

Now, this guide works whether you have 0 games played or 100. You can use it to help get the most out of what you have, whether that is starting from scratch or if you bought $100 worth of gold already.

What this guide also assumes is that you have spent the time doing the tutorial, used the training room to customize your controls, and you have a general idea of WoWP’s basics.

A clean hangar, a fresh start. Here’s how to do it right.


The North American P-51D Mustang is a tier 7 US light fighter that is the across the board bet for best fighter in its tier.



When I started playing World of Warplanes, I looked at Basic Fighter Maneuvers as flying is mostly about angles and movement.  Reading about the high yo-yo was great as it taught me basic energy combat and is the most useful maneuver to learn in the game.  But I’ve learned to appreciate the flat scissors and rolling scissors.  I’ll cover how to use these maneuvers and when they come up in game.  One of the biggest problems I had at the beginning was figuring out when or why I would need these!  Read through the descriptions and make sure to check out the video below for visual examples and explanations of how these are done.



Well, that was fast: Wargaming is already releasing premium planes that grossly overpower regular planes.  Say hello to the XP-50.



With a title like that, it’ s probably hard to keep you in suspense of what I think about the plane.  Here’s why the XF5U “Pancake” completely blows.


By RBS - 06/02/14


The F7F is a great plane in an already strong line.


Solving puzzles is fun for me.  One of the puzzles that has been difficult to solve is: what actually contributes to winning in World of Warplanes?  In a game where the main goal is to shoot down all the other planes, it seems like more damage equals more wins.  To borrow a phrase from John Madden, “Usually the team with the most points wins the game!”.  Except that in World of Warplanes… it doesn’t.  There are many players out there who have very pedestrian statistics, but they win a shocking amount more than others with similar stats.  Why?  And why are these people with sub-par stats but winning a lot more all in the same clan together?


Grinding out the Ki-88 and XP-50 in the Summer Wind event started out great, then became excruciating.



Ground Attack Aircraft are, when you get down to, the Artillery of WoWP. Unloved, unwanted and often the target of ridicule and ire from both friend and foe. Few people who have played WoWP can say that they have not looked at their own team, noticed 1/3 of the team is GA and typed in all-chat: “GG”.

Compared to Artillery in WoT though, GA do have some saving graces and while it is possible to play GA with one hand while eating a hearty meal with the other, it is far less likely to be successful than doing the same thing in WoT with Artillery.


The Lockheed P-38F Lightning is a tier 5 US heavy fighter introduced with Patch 1.3. Let’s take a look at how this new comer flies in tier 5.

P-38F (more…)

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