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The North American P-51D Mustang is a tier 7 US light fighter that is the across the board bet for best fighter in its tier.




Well, that was fast: Wargaming is already releasing premium planes that grossly overpower regular planes.  Say hello to the XP-50.



With a title like that, it’ s probably hard to keep you in suspense of what I think about the plane.  Here’s why the XF5U “Pancake” completely blows.


By RBS - 06/02/14


The F7F is a great plane in an already strong line.


Ground Attack Aircraft are, when you get down to, the Artillery of WoWP. Unloved, unwanted and often the target of ridicule and ire from both friend and foe. Few people who have played WoWP can say that they have not looked at their own team, noticed 1/3 of the team is GA and typed in all-chat: “GG”.

Compared to Artillery in WoT though, GA do have some saving graces and while it is possible to play GA with one hand while eating a hearty meal with the other, it is far less likely to be successful than doing the same thing in WoT with Artillery.


The Lockheed P-38F Lightning is a tier 5 US heavy fighter introduced with Patch 1.3. Let’s take a look at how this new comer flies in tier 5.

P-38F (more…)

The Bf 109 F is a tier 6 German light fighter that performs as a high altitude energy fighter or Boom-and-Zoom aircraft based on its load-out. In either configuration, this plane has excellent vertical capabilities, good speed, and solid maneuverability.

Bf 109 F diving


IL-10 Review
By RBS - 04/22/14

Continuing the line of Attack Aircraft, I had to make a choice: IL-8 or IL-10.  I chose the IL-10, and I’m glad I did!



IL-2 Review
By RBS - 04/07/14

The IL-2 is the tier 5 Russian attack aircraft.  I originally avoided the ground attack (GA) fighters because I thought they were boring… I was so wrong!



The Bf 109Z is the tier 7 German heavy fighter. While it is a much maligned aircraft in an otherwise very powerful line, how does this odd-looking plane really fly?


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