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In part 1, we took a look at World of Warplanes’ in-game plane comparison tool that you can access during load in to learn what modules your opponents have loaded onto their aircraft. We looked at how you can know, with a high degree of confidence, if your enemies are running stock planes, have loaded bombs or rockets, and which gun configuration they are using.

We’ll expand upon the basics and take a look at using this tool during live battles. But first, Wargaming has just added a great companion tool for comparing planes in the encyclopedia.


Same plane comparison

The first thirty seconds of each game might be the most important part of the whole battle. You get one opportunity to learn exactly what planes your opponents are bringing into battle. Best of all, you can learn a lot more than just the model of the plane. By using the comparison numbers on the Team List screen, you can determine what load out your enemy is using, such as whether they are carrying rockets and bombs, have the top guns mounted, or are still stock.

This information will tell you how you should fly against your enemies in order to dominate the skies. First, we’ll examine the Team List screen and how to compare planes, then we will look at some strategies you can put into use for your next game.


The current controls for World of Warplanes might seem confusing. ┬áLet’s walk through them.


Have questions about what the different tech trees in World of Warplanes do and what plane will fit you best? Read on!

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