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Russian Tank Destroyers start off small. However, due to Russian bias game balance, they are equipped with oversized guns. The SU-85 originally carried the KV-5’s 107mm, however it was removed and replaced with the KV-13s 85mm due to the sheer ridiculousness of that gun at tier 5. The SU-100 carries both a 100mm (you don’t say) and the 122mm mounted on the IS. Both the SU-85 and SU-100 are small, low profile vehicles with good mobility, very high camouflage and decently sloped frontal armor with freakishly strong gun mantlets. After the tier 6 SU-100, the line splits in two. The newer line continues with the sloped armor and mobility theme with the SU-100M1, through the SU-101 and SU-122-54 to the Object 263, a fast tank with very heavy frontal armor, yet a somewhat anemic gun. The original line sacrifices armor and mobility for pure firepower and ambush camouflage. The tier 7 SU-152 can mount either a slow, inaccurate 152mm gun (dealing an incredible 700/700/950 with AP, HEAT and HE) or an improved 122mm gun which fires faster then most 90mm guns. The next 2 tanks are the ISU-152 and the Object 704, both mounting the 152mm BL-10, also known as the “finger of God. ” The apex of this line is the Object 268, a fairly fast and decently armored Tank Destroyer carrying an improved 152mm cannon and a cloaking device. The overall story of Russian Tank Destroyers is therefore the choice between mobility and armor (the Object 263 line), or firepower and alpha damage (The Object 704/268 line). Many players at tier 6 must wonder – what would it be like to have mobility, armor AND insane firepower? For the low, low price of 6750 gold, SerB has provided the answer. Enter the SU-122-44.


By hayhay58c - 07/28/14

The Pershing is a Tier XIII American medium tank, and is one of the 10 Tier XIII medium tanks available in the game. This tank carries the ubiquitous American 90mm gun, and is known for having a tough turret that can take a beating. The Americans are generally characterized as having excellent soft stats as well as excellent gun depression through all their tank lines, and certainly the Pershing is no exception. However, with 9 other tanks competing with the Pershing for the title of the best Tier XIII medium tank, how well does it fare? Let’s take a look!



Most of the tier 7 and below French tanks are fairly unexceptional. The low tiers, although well armored, are held back by their pathetic speeds and pathetic guns. With the arrival of tier 8, however, the French tech tree begins to come into its own. Lets take a closer look at the AMX 50 100, the first autoloading heavy and a true gem.

AMX 50 100


I’ve recently started a new account on the EU server; it’s been a unique experience starting over with a clean account with no silver, gold, premium planes, trained crew members, free experience, premium account time, and all the shiny stuff from being an alpha tester. This experience has forced me to carefully spend every bit of currency right from the start, so I wanted to share some tips and ideas with everyone else.

Now, this guide works whether you have 0 games played or 100. You can use it to help get the most out of what you have, whether that is starting from scratch or if you bought $100 worth of gold already.

What this guide also assumes is that you have spent the time doing the tutorial, used the training room to customize your controls, and you have a general idea of WoWP’s basics.

A clean hangar, a fresh start. Here’s how to do it right.


The IS-3 is a Soviet heavy tank that, long ago, was considered by most to be far and away the best tier 8 in the game. Time has not treated the IS-3 well; as it has aged, its bouncinium armour has been weakened by the traitorous Belarusian developers, while, courtesy of power creep, it now faces more formidable opposition than ever before. Let’s take a look at what the IS-3 still has up its sleeve.



The North American P-51D Mustang is a tier 7 US light fighter that is the across the board bet for best fighter in its tier.



Just released, here’s my World of Tanks:Blitz Review.

World of Tanks: Blitz


Type 64
By dualmaster333 - 07/01/14

Type 64: I look like a Hellcat but I’m really just a T21!

Type 64

The Type 64 is a Tier 6 Chinese premium light tank that sells for 3500 gold.  Upon release it garnered little attention – Tier 6 light tanks in general were poor.  Specifically, they were regularly placed into high tier battles where they were poorly equipped to contribute.  However, with update 9.1 the matchmaking spread for light tanks was modified.  Tier 6 lights will now only see up to tier 9 vehicles (previously it could see Tier 10 tanks).  I took the opportunity to try out a new tank as well as the new matchmaking.


By precambrian - 06/30/14

The T110E4 is the top of the current on-track discount event, so let’s take a look at how it performs in-game!


T110E4 armor


m18 hellcat

American Tank Destroyers come in two flavors. The first is a slow, heavily armored bunker. Carrying heavy firepower with excellent gun handling, vehicles such as the T28, T95 and T110E3 are designed to ponderously assault enemy positions as a moving steel wall. These vehicles stem from the original American Tank Destroyer line, running through icons such as the Wolverine and Jackson through the T25AT, finishing with the 3 fortresses mentioned above. However, America also possesses a second line of tank destroyers. This second flavor turns standard Tank Destroyer Design on its head by including a turret. The endpoint of this line is the T110E4, a T110E5 hull which trades mobility and gun handling for a 155mm cannon. This line is characterized by high mobility (however it decreases as you move up tiers), good camouflage and a turret. However, you trade off gun handling and armor. The combination of mobility, camouflage, a turret and decent firepower is recognized by many as the trinity forming a recipe for mid tier stat padding. The epitome of this is the M18 Hellcat, the tier 6 Tank Destroyer of the turreted line.


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