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About a year ago, I wrote this article about ranking the tier 10 mediums from best to worst.

It got a great deal of interest and discussion.  Since that time, many people have asked me to revise/update the guide to account for new tanks and nerfs.  I don’t plan on going into as much detail as before, but instead to rank the tanks and give you a concise idea of the character of the tank.  I have played almost every tank in WOT and currently own most of them.

Note that I grade on a very strict curve – 5.5 = average.  8 or above or 2 or below should be a truly exceptional tank.  I also compare tanks to all their direct competition – other tanks in tier and to a lesser degree common competition.  But since not all tanks are created equal, this might mean that the average t8 heavy gets a higher score than the average t8 medium (as meds are worse than heavies at that tier).  This is easier said than done with the t10 mediums, as they tend to be pretty excellent.  But I will try to be as objective as I can.


  • Object 140 – 10
  • T-62a – 9
  • Object 430 – 9
  • Batchat – 9
  • STB – 7
  • leo – 7
  • E-50M – 7
  • 121 – 4
  • M60 – 3
  • M48 – 3
  • FV4202 – 2

The average is quite high, as I feel like there are a lot of t10 mediums that are competitive and effective.  I’ll look at each tank in a later section.


  1. T-62A – 10
  2. Batchat 25t – 9
  3. Leopard1 – 7
  4. M48 – 6
  5. M60 – 6
  6. E-50M – 5
  7. FV4202 – 5
  8. 121 – 4

The T-62A dipped a tiny bit mainly due to power creep, while the E-50M got a big boost from its improved armor buff.  The FV4202 fell even further behind due to power creep and less value in sniping (thanks to the accuracy patch).  The M48/M60 likewise suffered with less value in spotting/sniping.


Object 140 – 10/10 – full review

+ Unparallelled flexibility – capable of scouting, sniping, flanking, and everything else
+ Great blend of camo and a good turret
+ Decently fast and agile
+ Very good overall gun handling, can fire on the move well and depress ok.

– Low alpha for a tier 10

The best true medium in WOT.  It can do anything you could ask for.  Good scout, great DPM engine, good attacking on the move, good agility, good protection.  Its the total package.

Clam wars:  Very commonly used as the ideal medium.

T-62A – 9/10 – full review

+ Very similar to the 140, but slightly less depression and top speed
+ Slightly better gun handling than the 140, perhaps better firing on the move

Like the Object 140, its nearly perfect, but not quite as good as its brother.

Clam wars:  Practically identical to the 140, also used to reduce tank locking.

Object 430 – 9/10 – full review

+ Very similar to the 140, but worse depression and gun performance
+ Better armor/camo than the 140/T-62A to a very small degree

Again, like its brothers its a great tank but not as ideal as the Object 430.  However, its smaller size and bounciness can make it harder to kill, particularly in pubs.

Clam wars:  Could be used like a 140/T-62A or even as a scout if you were desperate, but in general the 140 or a more dedicated scout would be preferred.  This one is best in pubs.

Batchat 25t:  9/10

+ The premier scout in WOT – fast, good camo, good view range
+ Autoloader is deadly in 1v1 or endgame situations

– Gun handling is mediocre.  Penetration is also poor
– Ammo count is low

Perhaps not the best at solopub, but one of the most important tanks in the game in organized play.  Superb scout, superb skirmisher…only held back by horrid DPM and gun performance.

Clam wars:  Perhaps the most irreplaceable tank in WOT.  No other scout compares.  While not quite as individually powerful as the Object 140, the batchat is essential to a good team.

STB:  7/10 – full review

+ The best firepower in tier – good alpha, good dpm, great depression
+ Semi bouncy turret and decent camo/view range
+ Reasonably agile and decent top speed

– Gun performance is not as great as many mediums

Best suited as a mid range DPM platform, working its depression to get spots and shots other tanks can’t make.  Gun handling is a bit poor by medium standards, but still very playable.  Jack of all trades at everything else, master of none.  Good solo tank.

Clam Wars:  Worth a look if you need mediums on a map with lots of depression, but generally not as valuable as a TD/autoloader.

Leopard 1:  7/10 – full review

+ Good view range, camo, and speed
+ Solid gun performance with good depression

– No armor at all, highly vulnerable to arty or low tiers

The Leo is a very good scouty, snipey medium with very low margin for error.  The tank dies VERY easily and has only average firepower, so doesn’t carry as hard as some, but when it works it can work very well.  Under ideal conditions it rocks, but when forced to fight not on its terms it is very frail.

Clam Wars:  Second best scout in WOT, sometimes used when you want the depression or view range bonus over the batchat.

E-50M – 7/10 – full review

+ Excellent all rounder
+ High precision gun, Workable armor, good speed

– Lowish DPM, poor camo
– Unimpressive agility and turning

The armor buff had a big boost on this tank.  It not feels like a quasi heavy – able to bounce most silver rounds when properly angled/hull down.  This leaves it as a surprisingly solid all rounder – it can bounce shots of weaklings, move well, snipe well, and do everything at least decent.  On the down side, its large, crap camo, and not quick, so its never the best.  But its never the worst, either.

Clam Wars:  Never used, clan wars is the home of the specialists.  Generalists need not apply.

121 – 4/10 – full review

+ High alpha, good DPM
+ Good camo, good turret, good speed/agility

– Very poor depression
– No APCR round, poor overall fire control

Like its lower tier brothers, the 121 has a tantalizing blend of strengths but ultimately doesn’t work.  Its hull is among the best blends of camo/speed/toughness, but the gun trades a very small increase in alpha for vastly worse fire control and depression.  The extra 50 alpha in no way compensates for the lack of flexibility, sniping, or firing on the move you lose.

Clam Wars:  Rarely used as a throwaway beater.

M60:  3/10

+ Best view range in the game
+ Pretty decent firepower

– Large, poor camo
– Poor agility, poor protection

The M60 has aged poorly.  The power creep among Tds has made vanilla snipers obsolete, plus the STB can do everything it can do and more.  Its only strength is view range, which is of generally limited value compared to quicker, smaller tanks.

Clan Wars:  Used on rare occasions when you need maximum spotting range and/or to humiliate terrible clans in landing zones using only reward tanks.

M48:  3/10

+ Same as M60 except slightly worse hull

No practical difference in the M60; most people have sold it at this point.

FV4202:  2/10

+ Probably the best pure sniper of the group by a tiny margin – good pen/alpha/dpm/depression/view
+ Decently effective turret/upper plate, decent camo

– HESH on mediums is complete trash, leaving you without a gold round for the E-100s
– Low speed hurts the tank a great deal

The FV4202 is a marginally better sniper than its peers like the Leopard, M48, or so on…but not enough to really matter.  Plus it has lowish DPM and no gold round, leaving its firepower below par.  Its view range/camo are negated by its poor speed, leaving it as a one dimensional sniper who isn’t even that great at sniping.  Its a real dog, one of the worst tier 10s in game.


Comments welcome.  I’m sure many will disagree with my rankings; feel free to post your version in the thread: Discuss this on WoTLabs

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