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The WZ-111 is a tank that is the subject of much interest these days, and with good reason. It is the final reward for a lengthy month long grind. This article is designed to showcase the characteristics of the tank, and how it compares to its peers. Should you then decide that you are willing to grind a ridiculous 1050 kills for this glorious Chinese tank, this article will present everything I know about how to successfully play the WZ-111. I’m going to try and stay away from just copy-pasting values that one can look up ingame or on tank compare, and focus more on how those values play out in the field. So if you need to know the turret traverse or the hp/ton, take the time to look them up yourself. First things first, some quick answers to the most common questions I’ve been asked, and probably the ones you are wanting answered the most.


How the hell do you have a 111 already?
Jojack’s sister ground it out for me, pls no bulli.

Pref MM?

Is it good?

How does it compare to the IS-6?
At least in my hands, the 111 is a more reliable carry machine. I’m running a significantly higher WR in the 111, despite solopubbing more in it than the IS-6. The biggest difference is the turret. There is no overmatch roof on the 111 that can be hit from the front, unlike the IS-6. The only frontal turret weakspots are the twin cupolas. Constant wiggling makes these very hard to hit, much like a Super Pershing or E5. This combined with the stronger UFP makes a better close up fighter than the IS-6. The thing is that at even at range, the 111 frontal armor comes out ahead. The LFP is paper, but it’s small, easily hidden, and nothing short of RNGesus will land a cupola shot at range. The exception of course is sidescraping, where the extra 20mm and angling on the IS-6 come out ahead. The 111 has less DPM, and trades a 217 pen APCR round for a 250 pen HEAT one. The firepower edge goes to the IS-6 of course, but not as cleanly as one might expect. There are many situations where even I have been glad for that HEAT round, and I absolutely hate HEAT. The 111 gains 30m of view range over the IS-6 as well, which is very nice.

How does it compare to the 112?
I have no personal experience with the 112, so most of this is purely stuff that can be found by looking at something like Tank Compare. Basically, it has a thinner UFP, but is pike-nosed. There is no fuel tank right behind the LFP, so frontal fires are a non-issue. The 111 has improved DPM and gun handling at the cost of losing 1 degree of depression. It does however gain 6 degrees of elevation. Hp/ton is slightly worse, but the 111 gains RU hovertrack technology to compensate for this. While platooning with a friend in his 112, I regularly outran him. The 111 also gains 50 hp over the 112.

Is it better than the IS-6 or 112?
I’m not overly qualified to answer this because I have not played the 112, and I am not a huge fan of my IS-6. Having said that, I will present my personal opinion that yes, and yes, it’s better than both. I have enjoyed playing it far more than the IS-6 because of the speed, frontal armor, and turret capabilities. The stats alone make it look superior to the 112.

Here’s my crew and equipment:

Why no GLD on a terrible gun? Well the simple answer is that I’m not aiming in this tank. I’m either snapshotting while advancing, or already in such close range that it doesn’t matter. I’d rather take the boost to final accuracy along with everything else that I get from vents, especially since it stacks with BIA and the food I’m running. For a less skilled crew or a non-food setup, take the GLD over vents. Double repair kits is also fully viable if you aren’t a food spam player. This is the same setup I run on my IS-6 and IS-7.


The WZ-111 is unfortunate enough to carry the same 122mm gun found on many tanks around this tier. It has 0.46 accuracy, 3.4 second aim time, 175 pen AP as the standard round, and 250 pen HEAT as the premium round. A very familiar gun to most people, but also a pretty bad one. Thankfully the 111 has preferred MM, and better soft stats than many of its peers, so it is bearable, although certainly not comfortable. DPM is respectably high.

Armor Details

The LFP is literally paper, and will be penned pretty much at will by everything you see. The upside is that compared to the 112, there is no frontal fuel tank right behind it. Fires are nonexistent in this tank from my experience; the only one I’ve had was from multiple shots to the rear after getting surrounded. The side armor is pretty good, but will give some troll penetrations as much as it gets troll bounces.

The sides are actually angled inwards, much like the IS-6, and are almost entirely spaced. It’s a literal black hole of protection; very strong as long as you don’t over angle it. Even fully broadside, there are sections that will bounce IS-6 APCR with some luck. Extremely troll.

Now for the UFP. The whole tank is an ammorack, but the right side (driver POV) of the pike is the most prominent place I’ve noticed getting racked from, including the front sprocket of the tracks. A shot there will track you, damage you, and likely break your ammo rack all in one. Expect a broken rack almost every game, although I’ve yet to have mine explode outright. The cyan shoulders are the toughest part, which is good, since it will be exposed while sidescraping. More on this in a bit. Note that if on equal elevation, the purple section on both sides is an automatic ricochet. You can troll pubbies by presenting it around a corner to bait their shot, and then laugh at the hackusations. The green area around the turret is triple overmatch for 90mm guns, and hitting directly under the gun will create a shot trap sending the round into this area. That’s the only real weakness when facehugging, outside of the cupolas. I have yet to have this happen in game, but when Gash mentioned it in his write up, I had to confirm it in a training room. It’s more of an RNGesus thing than an actual concern.

On to the good stuff: That UFP armor. It’s actually a very shallow pike, so while angling will weaken one side somewhat, it’s not nearly as bad as with an IS-3 or IS-7. Head on, it will bounce IS-6 APCR as well as the HEAT from the T-34-3 and 112 pretty much every time. It gets unreliable past that, but this is already more than the IS-6, which will rarely bounce either of those rounds. Now check this out:

That’s right folks, even horrifically over-angled, the UFP is still likely to negate IS-6 APCR. Chinese HEAT goes through most of the time, but is still subject to bouncing depending which pixels you hit. Remember that the shoulders are stronger than the pike itself. This level of protection is incredible for such a fast tank, but like I said, it vanishes quickly against stronger premium rounds and tier 9s. Note that this is on level ground; the 111 is fairly short, so don’t expect these results against tanks shooting down on you.


In my mind, the 111 is very much a tier 8 premium version of the IS-7. Both are fast heavies with nearly impenetrable turrets, strong pike-nosed UFP’s, weak LFP’s, and derpy guns with mediocre standard and premium rounds. Those that enjoy the style of the IS-7 will be perfectly comfortable in the 111 from the very first game.


The best way to protect yourself in the 111, like most heavies, is sidescraping. This hides the LFP and presents your sides at angles that will not be penetrated. The biggest obstacle with the 111 is the pike nose. Here is the best way I’ve found to pull it off:

Obviously this position isn’t perfect, but unfortunately that pike makes it impossible to be perfect. This position minimizes the pike and LFP, leaving only the shoulder on the front. As you can see from the picture, the shoulder has already bounced some rounds from the IS-6 and T-34-3 that were in the training room with me. You should stay in this position as little as possible; take your shot and drive forward into the wall to hide the front completely. Ideally you’ve baited the pubbies into shooting your sides and they are reloading when you back up to shoot, but if not, this gives them the hardest shot possible. The trick is to do it very quickly so they don’t have time to aim at your weakspots. This is highlighted in my replay reviews. Note that despite the turret placement, reverse sidescraping is pretty much useless in this tank. I haven’t found a way to hide the rear and still maintain a good enough angle on my sides to make it work.

Turret Armor Abuse

5 degrees of gun depression is surprisingly very workable in this tank; I’ve had a much easier time with it than I did in the T62A. Hulldown is quick, easy, and leaves your opponents nothing to shoot at except your cupolas. Get your WASD on, and laugh as your enemies miss shot after shot on those juking cupolas. Not much more to say, learn where the maps let you hulldown, and abuse it. Likewise, if the situation calls for a facehug, don’t be afraid to get cuddled up with the bad guys. Be mindful of the shot trap under your gun, but once again, a good WASD spam should keep you moving so erratically that the enemies will never get a good shot. Especially not while they are panicking from having a giant wallet warrior tank right up in their face.


The IS-7 is described as the ideal spearhead tank, and its tier 8 premium counterpart fits that role just as perfectly in its own tier. The combination of speed and armor lets this tank be very aggressive. This is good because the poor gun will fail to do anything useful if you are not at the front of the fight. The 111 should always be the first into the fight, and if you do your job, you’ll be the only one to leave. You’ve got some of the best armor on a tier 8 heavy, and the speed to put it anywhere it’s needed. Start and lead the pushes, get in people’s faces, and assert your dominance over them like the pubstomping badass you are. Be a bully. The 111 is hands down one of the best tanks in its tier for getting a flank moving, and making the moves that win games.


Fear not fellow unicums :^) for this tank will still let you keep your stats intact while you roll around like a badass. Here’s the result of a whole day of 111 games I did while gathering info for this article. Roughly 40% solo, 30% 2 man platoon, 30% 3 man platoon.

Note that that is a higher WN8 than I’ve ever had for such a large session. Also a very high winrate by my standards, considering it wasn’t all 3 man platoons. Profitability wise, the potential is huge. I ran food every single game, and spammed HEAT like it was the old T69, and still averaged 31k profit on a premium account. A more economical setup could easily print twice that. Assuming that you have consumables stockpiled and aren’t spending 20k per game on food, a fairly average game of 2300 damage with a couple of kills should net you about 3.5-4k WN8 and 70k credits. Not bad at all.

Youtube Replay Reviews

Here are three separate replays that I’ve recorded and commentated on. Adequately covering the playstyle of a tank is difficult to do with just text, so hopefully these replays elaborate on things I’ve mentioned in the article, and further demonstrate how I play the WZ-111.


The WZ-111 is a very strong tank, and a serious contender for the best tier 8 premium. Excellent capacity to win games and smash faces will make this tank very popular, and I believe it is more than worth grinding out the mission in order to get it. Overall, I rate the tank an 8.5/10, with the weak ammorack and underperforming 122mm gun balancing an otherwise beast of a machine.

I don’t do this for money, if you do feel the need to donate anything, please instead give it to Neverwish. This is all possibly only because of his hard work.

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