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Imperial Armored Hammers [Empire's Revenge]
Ruling With Supreme Authority
Average WN8 1820
Average Win Rate 53.94%
Average Recent WN8 2035
Average Recent WR 55.6%
Members 9
Average WN8 1820
Win Rate 53.94%
Recent WN8 2035
Recent WR 55.6%
Members 9
NamePositionBattlesWin RateWN8Recent Win RateRecent WN8Tier 10 Tanks (Toggle all)
SmaugetPrivate1641254.05%176957.25%2114Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks46.67%2064
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks47.62%2150
STB-1Medium Tanks51.61%2040
121Medium Tanks46.15%1578
113Heavy Tanks54.78%1870
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks44.21%1826
IS-7Heavy Tanks47.52%1997
E 100Heavy Tanks58.54%2548
T110E5Heavy Tanks57.8%2692
E 50 MMedium Tanks50.76%2102
Obj. 140Medium Tanks51.81%2112
WT E 100Tank Destroyers54.05%1669
Grille 15Tank Destroyers55.67%2366
LinkTheHeroPrivate2602754.69%220058.46%2631Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
121Medium Tanks54.44%2644
T92 HMCSPGs56.23%1701
E 100Heavy Tanks53.79%2538
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers52.85%2201
prairiemanPrivate4621750.8%155854.84%1689Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks49.88%1332
STB-1Medium Tanks60.56%3028
121Medium Tanks65.32%2498
113Heavy Tanks58.82%2362
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks52.15%2336
FV215bHeavy Tanks43.48%1659
MausHeavy Tanks60.61%2071
IS-7Heavy Tanks51.75%2326
Centurion AXMedium Tanks55.83%2196
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers53.09%2319
E 100Heavy Tanks51.4%1766
T110E5Heavy Tanks48.62%1865
B-C 155 58SPGs51.67%1891
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers52.92%1939
E 50 MMedium Tanks49.37%1862
T110E4Tank Destroyers46.88%1750
Obj. 268Tank Destroyers48.49%2093
T-62AMedium Tanks48.02%1681
T110E3Tank Destroyers53.77%1656
Foch 155Tank Destroyers48.6%1831
FV4005Tank Destroyers60%1496
Obj. 263Tank Destroyers53.45%2289
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks53.8%2107
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks50%157
BadgerTank Destroyers50%1239
WT E 100Tank Destroyers49.63%1864
Foch BTank Destroyers50%349
Grille 15Tank Destroyers46.67%1415
Obj. 268 4Tank Destroyers100%261
Overmind25Commander2337150.19%92947.36%1034Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
MausHeavy Tanks52.99%1099
E 100Heavy Tanks49.67%1134
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers47.24%985
VK 72.01 KHeavy Tanks48.47%886
EmperorNefarious1Private2511755.61%197553.79%1708Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
FV215bHeavy Tanks51.58%2134
Centurion AXMedium Tanks57.6%2010
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers55.34%2160
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks44.44%1859
VK 72.01 KHeavy Tanks53.06%1892
catattack9Private1333955.43%208357.69%2494Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks55.76%2433
Obj. 140Medium Tanks29.41%1592
T110E5Heavy Tanks49.12%2398
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks48.15%2256
Type 5 HeavyHeavy Tanks25%670
sweeptPrivate1553359.41%252455.67%2092Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks59.69%3176
STB-1Medium Tanks51.85%2938
FV215bHeavy Tanks60.8%3468
Centurion AXMedium Tanks59.56%3073
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers46.97%1633
T-62AMedium Tanks56.02%3179
Obj. 263Tank Destroyers57.81%2806
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks71.43%1853
Obj. 140Medium Tanks54.29%2902
Obj. 268 4Tank Destroyers50%1366
fuslameePrivate1118559.62%231459.64%2444Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-7Heavy Tanks66.43%2773
E 100Heavy Tanks69.94%2679
T110E5Heavy Tanks56.25%2773
T-62AMedium Tanks55.79%3139
M48 PattonMedium Tanks62.5%1973
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks45%2065
Grille 15Tank Destroyers75%2737
Beez_31Recruit40854.9%207555.23%2189Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.

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