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North American Syndicate of Tank Incinerators
Don't get mad, get NASTI! =D
Average WN8 890 Battle-weighed: 912
Average Win Rate 48.1%
Average Recent WN8 822 Battle-weighed: 955
Average Recent WR 48%
Members 34
Average WN8 912
Win Rate 48.1%
Recent WN8 955
Recent WR 48%
Members 34
NamePositionBattlesWin RateWN8Recent Win RateRecent WN8Tier 10 Tanks (Toggle all)
jastan10Private1438249.01%107945.53%912Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
60TPHeavy Tanks50.77%1056
IS-7Heavy Tanks49.27%1211
T92 HMCSPGs50.68%937
E 100Heavy Tanks48.02%1227
T110E4Tank Destroyers47.24%1455
T110E3Tank Destroyers55.56%891
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks37.5%571
Obj. 140Medium Tanks75%869
EBR 105Light Tanks57.69%475
T-100 LTLight Tanks0%381
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks62.5%1153
ST-IIHeavy Tanks39.13%777
MagicboxPrivate7501651.07%133847.2%1147Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
farmlandnoobPrivate3418648.78%104445.23%564Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
hockeypuckerPrivate4293951.89%144448.08%1441Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks42.86%464
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks44.68%1260
IS-7Heavy Tanks36.64%1026
E 100Heavy Tanks42.74%888
B-C 155 58SPGs43.54%1684
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers50.98%1259
T110E4Tank Destroyers47.95%1065
T110E3Tank Destroyers33.33%403
M48 PattonMedium Tanks35.48%905
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks43.24%1167
WT E 100Tank Destroyers39.39%1183
EBR 105Light Tanks57.14%433
Grille 15Tank Destroyers43.75%1137
SheridanLight Tanks38.46%1253
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks75%1420
6thBamaReservist931448.59%82947.56%628Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks33.33%50
E 100Heavy Tanks22.22%226
T110E5Heavy Tanks52.46%753
khtwoRecruit1841050.26%125552.11%2257Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
garooExecutive Officer4404246.6%70046.64%458Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks60%633
KranvagnHeavy Tanks66.67%800
Progetto 65Medium Tanks100%261
Vz. 55Heavy Tanks40%315
RinoceronteHeavy Tanks27.27%398
60TPHeavy Tanks18.18%867
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks37.5%973
STB-1Medium Tanks50%220
Type 5 HHeavy Tanks25%312
121Medium Tanks50%148
Strv 103BTank Destroyers100%261
CS-63Medium Tanks100%261
113Heavy Tanks32.31%275
UDES 15/16Medium Tanks33.33%62
IS-4Heavy Tanks100%261
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks35.71%207
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks0%873
FV215bHeavy Tanks31.58%482
MausHeavy Tanks46.43%880
IS-7Heavy Tanks36.84%653
Centurion AXMedium Tanks50%591
G.W. E 100SPGs43.08%612
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers34.31%520
E 100Heavy Tanks44.3%880
T110E5Heavy Tanks36.36%395
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers42.86%302
E 50 MMedium Tanks40.71%702
T110E4Tank Destroyers31.82%476
T-62AMedium Tanks28.21%333
T110E3Tank Destroyers0%0
FV4005Tank Destroyers60%380
M48 PattonMedium Tanks50%151
Leopard 1Medium Tanks31.48%401
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks28%509
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks36.36%153
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks25%269
M60Medium Tanks36.36%235
BadgerTank Destroyers100%719
Obj. 140Medium Tanks80%613
AMX M4 54Heavy Tanks80%552
AMX 13 105Light Tanks100%261
EBR 105Light Tanks53.85%173
T-100 LTLight Tanks50%144
Grille 15Tank Destroyers36.36%347
Pz.Kpfw. VIIHeavy Tanks44.44%529
SheridanLight Tanks27.03%123
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks75%1589
Rhm. Pzw.Light Tanks50%381
Obj. 268/4Tank Destroyers100%570
Obj. 705AHeavy Tanks33.33%899
M-V-YHeavy Tanks47.62%399
K-91Medium Tanks50%389
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks38.1%340
ST-IIHeavy Tanks75%516
Obj. 780Heavy Tanks44.44%336
ManticoreLight Tanks100%1879
121BMedium Tanks50%212
textbookRecruitment Officer365348.18%70046.93%794Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
soggy_monsterRecruit4531646.56%66946.36%623Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
R3V3RRecruit2451744.56%573--Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
MausHeavy Tanks49.47%724
IS-7Heavy Tanks26.67%494
E 100Heavy Tanks43.15%576
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers43.4%601
Leopard 1Medium Tanks39.9%526
WileyECoyoteSooperGeniusExecutive Officer5239646.33%82547.85%991Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks37.5%613
KranvagnHeavy Tanks37.25%810
Progetto 65Medium Tanks41.18%909
Vz. 55Heavy Tanks41.18%704
RinoceronteHeavy Tanks50%1568
60TPHeavy Tanks55.56%1266
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks38.66%782
STB-1Medium Tanks37.5%844
Type 5 HHeavy Tanks44.26%554
Strv 103BTank Destroyers44.44%494
CS-63Medium Tanks50%1014
UDES 15/16Medium Tanks100%1793
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks52.94%1020
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks36.78%753
MausHeavy Tanks52.94%758
IS-7Heavy Tanks47.37%1236
Centurion AXMedium Tanks8.33%537
T92 HMCSPGs47.77%1225
G.W. E 100SPGs100%1088
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers37.6%851
E 100Heavy Tanks35.42%557
T110E5Heavy Tanks27.78%700
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers48.57%1181
T110E4Tank Destroyers50.77%1088
T-62AMedium Tanks34.55%711
T110E3Tank Destroyers41.5%863
FV4005Tank Destroyers46.43%1120
M48 PattonMedium Tanks33.33%1072
Leopard 1Medium Tanks40%928
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks40.74%945
Obj. 907Medium Tanks20%707
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks54.72%872
BadgerTank Destroyers40%287
Obj. 140Medium Tanks41.03%792
EBR 105Light Tanks56.6%432
T-100 LTLight Tanks47.06%759
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks50%774
Obj. 268/4Tank Destroyers44.26%1175
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks40.32%936
T95/FV4201Heavy Tanks47.83%881
ManticoreLight Tanks26.92%379
Blackfox_IVRecruit2642745.06%52341.63%366Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
FV215bHeavy Tanks50%196
MausHeavy Tanks20%0
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers33.33%226
E 100Heavy Tanks36.44%472
BadgerTank Destroyers38.89%366
JarlBalgruufBeBallinPrivate749552.11%141541.94%1308Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
DarkChild_1Executive Officer3727346.58%65045.38%581Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks41.56%480
IS-4Heavy Tanks54.55%365
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks37.95%617
IS-7Heavy Tanks38.86%511
E 100Heavy Tanks33.33%291
T110E5Heavy Tanks42.68%588
T110E4Tank Destroyers38.1%307
Leopard 1Medium Tanks33.33%264
T110E3Tank Destroyers29.58%355
KranvagnHeavy Tanks33.04%415
121BMedium Tanks40%347
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks31.25%150
Obj. 705AHeavy Tanks32.32%219
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks32.39%279
Obj. 780Heavy Tanks44.83%381
QuiNSonGPrivate2710851.12%148449.76%1388Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
KranvagnHeavy Tanks41.82%1299
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks49.1%1527
STB-1Medium Tanks44.71%1157
CS-63Medium Tanks40.91%394
IS-4Heavy Tanks46.84%1131
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks41.01%1266
MausHeavy Tanks52.17%1342
IS-7Heavy Tanks47.09%1523
E 100Heavy Tanks43.36%1203
E 50 MMedium Tanks47.14%1210
T110E3Tank Destroyers40%1010
Leopard 1Medium Tanks42.86%1190
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks44.44%1342
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks57.43%1722
AMX 13 105Light Tanks51.76%1297
EBR 105Light Tanks50.77%1158
Pz.Kpfw. VIIHeavy Tanks46.63%1252
Rhm. Pzw.Light Tanks41.1%434
Obj. 268/4Tank Destroyers52.41%1504
121BMedium Tanks59.18%1175
Four_Score_and_SevenRecruit78047.56%48652.22%966Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
HardwarezExecutive Officer1370646.49%53543.91%635Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
STB-1Medium Tanks15.38%220
Strv 103BTank Destroyers46.94%357
E 100Heavy Tanks32%228
T110E5Heavy Tanks31.88%151
T110E3Tank Destroyers20%202
Foch 155Tank Destroyers66.67%859
M48 PattonMedium Tanks27.27%69
Leopard 1Medium Tanks25%740
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks26.92%153
Obj. 140Medium Tanks44.44%651
EBR 105Light Tanks49.4%252
XB33RGOGGL3SXPrivate620749.81%96450.09%957Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
menogoodatthisPrivate3309048.87%96150.75%1317Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks46.72%868
KranvagnHeavy Tanks44.44%1082
Vz. 55Heavy Tanks42%640
STB-1Medium Tanks47.24%958
Strv 103BTank Destroyers47.47%881
CS-63Medium Tanks37.93%711
UDES 15/16Medium Tanks0%547
MausHeavy Tanks41.67%638
G.W. E 100SPGs49.63%1225
E 100Heavy Tanks50.15%931
T110E4Tank Destroyers53.27%1101
T110E3Tank Destroyers42.55%1088
Leopard 1Medium Tanks47.47%1296
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks31.58%724
BadgerTank Destroyers60%618
Obj. 140Medium Tanks52.17%1157
AMX 13 105Light Tanks48.84%970
Foch BTank Destroyers37.5%497
EBR 105Light Tanks44.97%549
T-100 LTLight Tanks38.96%523
SheridanLight Tanks45.83%557
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks30.77%671
Obj. 268/4Tank Destroyers48.51%1164
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks49.61%1375
Assassin2166Private1934047.58%77145.55%844Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Vz. 55Heavy Tanks34.48%661
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks42.39%736
STB-1Medium Tanks41.03%695
CS-63Medium Tanks44.74%685
T92 HMCSPGs43.48%752
E 100Heavy Tanks54.95%1187
T110E5Heavy Tanks42.47%754
T110E4Tank Destroyers38.64%901
T110E3Tank Destroyers80%1015
Leopard 1Medium Tanks46.8%705
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks41.57%813
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks27.78%536
Obj. 140Medium Tanks44.17%691
WT E 100Tank Destroyers0%577
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks48.68%918
NightPantherPrivate6272550.44%101551.76%1082Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
T92 HMCSPGs48.95%973
Obj. 261SPGs37.31%692
G.W. E 100SPGs49.61%1097
E 100Heavy Tanks41.93%735
B-C 155 58SPGs49.5%899
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers46.34%325
M48 PattonMedium Tanks41.61%420
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks36.54%437
SheridanLight Tanks40%410
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks43.94%584
TastyAce34Combat officer1397148.64%118851.01%1288Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
jt3919Reservist735046.54%66251.2%908Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
Gunny_GibbsExecutive Officer2926947.41%80446.18%803Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Progetto 65Medium Tanks50%616
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks38.1%483
CS-63Medium Tanks33.33%285
MausHeavy Tanks40.26%538
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers44.22%497
T110E3Tank Destroyers38.94%730
FV4005Tank Destroyers50%497
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks35.35%483
Grille 15Tank Destroyers33.01%686
Obj. 268/4Tank Destroyers41.82%636
Obj. 705AHeavy Tanks40.82%679
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks42.39%677
ForbiddenToastJunior Officer1226848.17%89345.83%1268Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
Bonfire96Private1856247.47%72346.85%772Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
KranvagnHeavy Tanks48.48%896
Progetto 65Medium Tanks33.33%0
Vz. 55Heavy Tanks0%0
60TPHeavy Tanks16.67%311
Strv 103BTank Destroyers53.33%586
CS-63Medium Tanks45.45%264
UDES 15/16Medium Tanks42.86%695
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks0%286
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks10%424
T92 HMCSPGs100%261
E 100Heavy Tanks54.84%1088
T110E4Tank Destroyers55.17%744
T110E3Tank Destroyers66.67%1269
FV4005Tank Destroyers60%288
M48 PattonMedium Tanks44%780
Leopard 1Medium Tanks42.11%646
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks34.15%545
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks25%0
BadgerTank Destroyers40%434
Obj. 140Medium Tanks50%1744
AMX M4 54Heavy Tanks44.44%494
AMX 13 105Light Tanks0%1310
EBR 105Light Tanks38.89%353
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks43.48%1447
Obj. 780Heavy Tanks50%1188
Darkraven_1Private243451.23%109052.21%1062Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
Dragonic_IggyJunior Officer618845.28%515--Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
M48 PattonMedium Tanks40.35%481
ThyQueenCommander35152.99%2822--Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
TruthSoldierReservist2640842.45%280--Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-7Heavy Tanks40%243
T110E3Tank Destroyers48.89%319
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks30%127
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks35.35%195
rudjacPrivate859043.69%42449.06%476Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks34.38%268
M48 PattonMedium Tanks54.84%621
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks62.86%787
ChadazumaPrivate1360343.38%25140%104Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
M48 PattonMedium Tanks35.29%145
treeslayer9106Recruit862950.13%130655.72%2015Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
E 100Heavy Tanks48.91%991
T110E4Tank Destroyers55.56%1405
FV4005Tank Destroyers54.1%1060
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks41.67%1868
Grille 15Tank Destroyers46.67%1418
HooplaXXXXRecruit10%32--Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
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