“So long as armies go to battle, so long will we remain their Spearhead.”
Average WN8 1030 Battle-weighed: 1058
Average Win Rate 48.34%
Average Recent WN8 1050 Battle-weighed: 1355
Average Recent WR 50.07%
Members 28
Average WN8 1058
Win Rate 48.34%
Recent WN8 1355
Recent WR 50.07%
Members 28
NamePositionBattlesWin RateWN8Recent Win RateRecent WN8Tier 10 Tanks (Toggle all)
Baron_PlutoniumPrivate3470749.21%94649.49%2416Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-4Heavy Tanks48.53%773
IS-7Heavy Tanks41.67%514
E 100Heavy Tanks35.16%624
T110E5Heavy Tanks42.73%646
shlakayou122Private1012543.56%41947.87%642Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-7Heavy Tanks43.38%757
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks38.21%606
Obj. 140Medium Tanks39.88%537
Leonardo_DelvecciPrivate4172147.5%109554.61%1766Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks39.72%537
Strv 103BTank Destroyers41.18%1255
IS-4Heavy Tanks40%687
IS-7Heavy Tanks37.5%598
Obj. 261SPGs42.9%1105
G.W. E 100SPGs46.22%1429
T110E5Heavy Tanks33.46%642
T110E3Tank Destroyers75%835
Foch 155Tank Destroyers50%819
M48 PattonMedium Tanks45.95%813
WT E 100Tank Destroyers36.9%774
Foch BTank Destroyers42.53%940
Grille 15Tank Destroyers40.91%541
121BMedium Tanks28.57%16
deathmessiah19Private1570349.25%142553.75%1587Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
STB-1Medium Tanks100%1775
113Heavy Tanks44.7%1411
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks45.81%1835
FV215bHeavy Tanks46.34%1703
IS-7Heavy Tanks46.15%1681
Centurion AXMedium Tanks53.48%1706
G.W. E 100SPGs36.62%936
E 100Heavy Tanks48.93%1841
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers50.35%2002
Foch 155Tank Destroyers51.17%1874
Leopard 1Medium Tanks44.44%1281
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks60%1264
AMX M4 54Heavy Tanks66.67%1501
Foch BTank Destroyers0%0
Pz.Kpfw. VIIHeavy Tanks51.61%1712
Obj. 705AHeavy Tanks43.26%1536
to9872Private1236448.22%1014--Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-7Heavy Tanks43.66%960
E 100Heavy Tanks37.78%1006
T110E5Heavy Tanks36.08%683
E 50 MMedium Tanks50%1284
T110E4Tank Destroyers40%796
sucorpunch07Private1935449.7%124030%432Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks45.09%1212
T92 HMCSPGs52.5%1221
E 100Heavy Tanks57.89%1157
T110E5Heavy Tanks45.34%1171
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers55.91%1468
T-62AMedium Tanks42.31%1185
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks41.18%1115
Obj. 140Medium Tanks59.09%1190
AMX 13 105Light Tanks0%710
EBR 105Light Tanks46.67%688
Obj. 705AHeavy Tanks44.44%1212
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks100%1409
GPD270Private1547249.28%130948.39%948Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
nolanj85Commander5171848.13%112749.59%1260Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks44.44%666
KranvagnHeavy Tanks0%293
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks42.8%1045
STB-1Medium Tanks61.9%1407
Type 5 HeavyHeavy Tanks48.87%1554
121Medium Tanks0%3020
Strv 103BTank Destroyers43.92%962
MausHeavy Tanks51.63%1005
IS-7Heavy Tanks41.93%1137
T92 HMCSPGs54.17%1249
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers47.24%1438
E 100Heavy Tanks46.57%1336
T110E5Heavy Tanks39.96%911
B-C 155 58SPGs45.69%1178
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers47.19%1430
T110E4Tank Destroyers43.9%1195
Obj. 268Tank Destroyers50%730
T-62AMedium Tanks45.54%987
T110E3Tank Destroyers48.72%1497
M48 PattonMedium Tanks66.67%1042
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks42.26%1212
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks47.62%1002
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks50%786
BadgerTank Destroyers36.67%629
Obj. 140Medium Tanks38.02%948
WT E 100Tank Destroyers44.43%1619
AMX 13 105Light Tanks33.33%966
EBR 105Light Tanks51.61%595
T-100 LTLight Tanks46.15%604
Grille 15Tank Destroyers41.21%1089
Pz.Kpfw. VIIHeavy Tanks40.98%829
SheridanLight Tanks51.72%737
Obj. 268 4Tank Destroyers40.65%1028
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks45.71%765
QuiquayQuartermaster1584447.59%868--Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-4Heavy Tanks40%926
MausHeavy Tanks52.5%1162
IS-7Heavy Tanks39.51%568
Obj. 261SPGs46.75%1210
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers30.77%586
E 100Heavy Tanks39.91%920
T110E5Heavy Tanks32.08%510
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers44.17%1210
T-62AMedium Tanks38.46%488
Foch 155Tank Destroyers50%1184
M48 PattonMedium Tanks51.02%573
Leopard 1Medium Tanks33.33%266
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks39.13%731
BadgerTank Destroyers40%450
Obj. 140Medium Tanks63.64%802
Foch BTank Destroyers47.06%488
Don_LuccesiJunior Officer1338349.03%94563.64%537Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks37.47%643
121Medium Tanks40.49%753
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks62.07%1211
FV215bHeavy Tanks10%346
Centurion AXMedium Tanks28.57%360
B-C 155 58SPGs52.94%859
E 50 MMedium Tanks27.27%767
T110E3Tank Destroyers40.6%976
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks62.5%677
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks66.67%509
Obj. 430Medium Tanks0%167
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks100%1111
super_longburrel_97Junior Officer3641149.05%114147.25%1107Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
60TPHeavy Tanks40.91%771
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks42.15%1160
IS-4Heavy Tanks33.33%868
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks47.07%1210
IS-7Heavy Tanks51.79%1056
T92 HMCSPGs47.37%973
E 100Heavy Tanks47.03%1210
T-62AMedium Tanks37.21%828
Foch 155Tank Destroyers45.57%911
FV4005Tank Destroyers49.16%1075
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks45%1065
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks37.93%904
Obj. 140Medium Tanks50.37%1384
WT E 100Tank Destroyers42.89%984
Obj. 430Medium Tanks48.82%1243
AMX 13 105Light Tanks47.37%437
Foch BTank Destroyers33.33%161
EBR 105Light Tanks56.25%197
Grille 15Tank Destroyers50%797
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks25%785
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks25%846
d_rangedPrivate1102747.09%849--Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-7Heavy Tanks40.83%579
T110E4Tank Destroyers36.73%715
WT E 100Tank Destroyers42.11%919
Grille 15Tank Destroyers30%367
combatmedicrobPrivate1020045.76%100855.56%519Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks46.82%996
MausHeavy Tanks62.07%1135
Obj. 261SPGs46.46%1332
E 100Heavy Tanks43.84%925
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks47.8%762
Deadman920Executive Officer2729149.33%146756.46%2121Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
KranvagnHeavy Tanks46.15%1512
Progetto 65Medium Tanks63.64%1859
60TPHeavy Tanks45%1367
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks50.4%1420
STB-1Medium Tanks45.11%1164
121Medium Tanks48.76%1352
Strv 103BTank Destroyers49.62%1963
113Heavy Tanks43.99%1239
UDES 15/16Medium Tanks40.74%1336
IS-4Heavy Tanks43.45%1314
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks52.5%1535
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks44.52%1331
FV215bHeavy Tanks54%1443
IS-7Heavy Tanks37.66%1402
Centurion AXMedium Tanks50%610
T92 HMCSPGs50.81%1395
Obj. 261SPGs41.86%945
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers50.7%1440
E 100Heavy Tanks48.21%1490
T110E5Heavy Tanks42.31%1390
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers50.65%1881
E 50 MMedium Tanks48.53%1048
Obj. 268Tank Destroyers52.04%1497
T110E3Tank Destroyers40%789
Foch 155Tank Destroyers51.14%1643
FV4005Tank Destroyers53.85%1431
M48 PattonMedium Tanks50%409
Obj. 263Tank Destroyers45.59%1572
Leopard 1Medium Tanks41.67%905
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks45.6%1593
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks42.11%979
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks58.33%1588
M60Medium Tanks43.59%1378
BadgerTank Destroyers100%1152
Obj. 140Medium Tanks45.84%1158
WT E 100Tank Destroyers50.71%1719
Foch BTank Destroyers40%1161
T-100 LTLight Tanks47.89%1287
Grille 15Tank Destroyers50%1333
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks100%2118
Obj. 268 4Tank Destroyers54.34%1604
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks100%2305
zorprime731Junior Officer2538049.12%122048.78%1194Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
60TPHeavy Tanks47.83%938
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks52%1252
Type 5 HeavyHeavy Tanks55.56%1610
IS-4Heavy Tanks47.58%1544
MausHeavy Tanks44.44%588
IS-7Heavy Tanks52.26%1444
T92 HMCSPGs50.12%1495
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers45.33%1218
E 100Heavy Tanks39.89%1312
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers47.27%1475
E 50 MMedium Tanks36.76%859
T110E4Tank Destroyers51.35%920
Obj. 268Tank Destroyers47.46%1219
T-62AMedium Tanks40.99%1129
T110E3Tank Destroyers53.09%1122
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks45.04%1213
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks27.27%611
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks100%1889
M60Medium Tanks0%0
BadgerTank Destroyers50%1380
Obj. 140Medium Tanks44.64%809
WT E 100Tank Destroyers50.88%1112
AMX 13 105Light Tanks40%503
Grille 15Tank Destroyers49.47%948
Obj. 268 4Tank Destroyers68.42%1123
ForceReconToxicCombat officer2017348.57%118948.2%1263Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks41.18%577
121Medium Tanks46.3%1157
WZ-132-1Light Tanks33.33%714
IS-7Heavy Tanks44%1448
E 100Heavy Tanks43.71%1285
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers44.3%1471
T110E4Tank Destroyers49%1305
Foch 155Tank Destroyers55.32%1418
M48 PattonMedium Tanks42.75%1036
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks39.12%1119
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks46.37%1115
AMX 13 105Light Tanks41.94%1104
SheridanLight Tanks42.86%674
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks35.29%892
T-22 med.Medium Tanks55.29%1289
xNUKExPrivate1823948.19%86445.08%825Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
macadoobyPrivate2473147.45%87726.32%554Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks38.67%812
Type 5 HeavyHeavy Tanks47.71%1087
Strv 103BTank Destroyers49.28%994
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks46.77%1191
IS-7Heavy Tanks47.25%683
T92 HMCSPGs48%1158
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers37.95%485
E 100Heavy Tanks41.84%668
T110E5Heavy Tanks43.68%699
B-C 155 58SPGs46.6%1322
T110E4Tank Destroyers44.47%651
T110E3Tank Destroyers41.67%494
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks37.21%981
BadgerTank Destroyers48.48%870
Obj. 140Medium Tanks47.8%979
SheridanLight Tanks42.62%1125
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks44.44%272
natureforcePrivate2353046.73%77049.05%924Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks50%543
KranvagnHeavy Tanks32.08%512
Progetto 65Medium Tanks45.26%944
RinoceronteHeavy Tanks42.86%723
60TPHeavy Tanks44.52%1023
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks32.61%517
STB-1Medium Tanks33.33%711
Type 5 HeavyHeavy Tanks100%942
CS-63Medium Tanks50%790
UDES 15/16Medium Tanks42.11%869
IS-4Heavy Tanks68.42%1288
MausHeavy Tanks42.5%603
IS-7Heavy Tanks40.91%839
Centurion AXMedium Tanks54.55%585
T92 HMCSPGs53.09%928
WZ-113G FTTank Destroyers53.57%791
T110E5Heavy Tanks39.46%684
T110E4Tank Destroyers41.67%1044
T110E3Tank Destroyers46.53%924
Foch 155Tank Destroyers40.74%584
FV4005Tank Destroyers40.71%591
M48 PattonMedium Tanks42.64%642
Leopard 1Medium Tanks46%772
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks39.93%793
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks66.67%665
Obj. 140Medium Tanks40.35%1031
AMX M4 54Heavy Tanks52.63%969
Obj. 430Medium Tanks58.82%1099
Foch BTank Destroyers43.42%770
Grille 15Tank Destroyers41.27%840
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks48%1008
Obj. 705AHeavy Tanks64.71%1128
K-91Medium Tanks21.05%644
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks41.54%816
ST-IIHeavy Tanks30%509
ManticoreLight Tanks41.67%272
LeinenkugelPrivate1276850.38%135654.74%1434Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks39.23%1015
IS-7Heavy Tanks49.27%1955
G.W. E 100SPGs55.13%1569
E 100Heavy Tanks85.71%1041
T110E3Tank Destroyers49.3%931
pulo2Private886448.26%74344.87%1144Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
IS-4Heavy Tanks44.81%1091
T-62AMedium Tanks25%838
ST-IIHeavy Tanks48.65%935
nature__2019Private74149.66%131354.38%1551Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
gyphrusPrivate966447.93%74449.65%1048Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Leopard 1Medium Tanks41.74%858
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks40%872
dinobravo982Combat officer1579247.91%85448%921Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Strv 103BTank Destroyers0%892
T92 HMCSPGs36.78%908
T110E5Heavy Tanks45.45%976
Jg.Pz. E 100Tank Destroyers53.42%920
T110E4Tank Destroyers51.45%911
M48 PattonMedium Tanks33.33%861
M60Medium Tanks48.95%742
BadgerTank Destroyers43.48%710
SheridanLight Tanks50%717
__ARTIST___Private587249.08%105251.36%1389Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
T92 HMCSPGs48.15%679
Obj. 261SPGs48.86%1069
E 100Heavy Tanks56.82%1110
T-62AMedium Tanks50%879
EBR 105Light Tanks52.98%1411
Jiangyunlong24Private524550.7%111849.22%1489Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Progetto 65Medium Tanks42.86%1957
60TPHeavy Tanks45.45%1383
STB-1Medium Tanks47.46%1014
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks52.44%1351
T110E5Heavy Tanks37.93%905
T110E4Tank Destroyers55%1213
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks48.39%1108
lolypop202Private698146.57%67047.02%942Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
T110E5Heavy Tanks45.83%861
T-62AMedium Tanks100%1132
M48 PattonMedium Tanks41.38%901
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks51.09%1085
Obj. 140Medium Tanks41.15%634
wilson_derekPrivate892350.53%121251.59%1395Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.

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