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Average WN8 2232 Battle-weighed: 2516
Average Win Rate 56.43%
Average Recent WN8 2463 Battle-weighed: 3110
Average Recent WR 60.5%
Members 5
Average WN8 2516
Win Rate 56.43%
Recent WN8 3110
Recent WR 60.5%
Members 5
NamePositionBattlesWin RateWN8Recent Win RateRecent WN8Tier 10 Tanks (Toggle all)
DermouchePrivate434057.44%255059.55%2879Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
oceanturtle01Junior Officer664452.66%163358.47%2478Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Strv 103BTank Destroyers53.85%1629
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks47.75%1909
M48 PattonMedium Tanks50.6%1964
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks50.56%1865
Obj. 140Medium Tanks53.76%2243
Obj. 277Heavy Tanks50%1813
FunpoliciaJunior Officer572557.19%311858.11%3111Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks56.25%2625
KranvagnHeavy Tanks61.72%3499
STB-1Medium Tanks52.17%3022
E 100Heavy Tanks56.93%3513
Obj. 140Medium Tanks56.22%2955
EBR 105Light Tanks54.92%3313
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks55.56%2698
KimchiToGoJunior Officer169666.04%385765.56%3849Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
_deleteriousJunior Officer00%0--Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.

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