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If we don't know what we are doing, how can the enemy?
Average WN8 1654 Battle-weighed: 1621
Average Win Rate 52.59%
Average Recent WN8 1375 Battle-weighed: 1750
Average Recent WR 53.08%
Members 16
Average WN8 1621
Win Rate 52.59%
Recent WN8 1750
Recent WR 53.08%
Members 16
NamePositionBattlesWin RateWN8Recent Win RateRecent WN8Tier 10 Tanks (Toggle all)
Cowboy_WYPrivate2061254.37%202550.55%1008Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks52.2%1767
121Medium Tanks50%1862
113Heavy Tanks48%1449
IS-4Heavy Tanks52.81%2181
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks51.85%2166
MausHeavy Tanks54.17%1401
IS-7Heavy Tanks62.02%2070
Centurion AXMedium Tanks49.53%1865
G.W. E 100SPGs28.57%1080
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers47.83%2182
E 100Heavy Tanks56.22%2571
T110E5Heavy Tanks52.73%2011
B-C 155 58SPGs32.26%1554
E 50 MMedium Tanks47.89%2039
T110E4Tank Destroyers55.13%1731
Obj. 268Tank Destroyers60%1338
T-62AMedium Tanks58.18%1453
T110E3Tank Destroyers38.46%1246
Foch 155Tank Destroyers54.55%2209
M48 PattonMedium Tanks52.94%1843
Obj. 263Tank Destroyers66.67%1259
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks48.89%1996
BadgerTank Destroyers50%572
Foch BTank Destroyers0%0
Obj. 268 4Tank Destroyers50%1132
VK 72.01 KHeavy Tanks40%638
cableguy221Recruit971054.38%176256.19%1195Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers51.76%2391
T110E4Tank Destroyers56.98%1930
BadgerTank Destroyers54.55%1270
Obj. 430Medium Tanks28.57%900
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks75%1255
summon4Recruit2510452.65%17890%133Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
iWrangleSenpaisCombat officer1639053.89%173757.34%2329Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
PianohandSRecruit2122154.53%198147.06%1436Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
STB-1Medium Tanks52.8%2328
IS-7Heavy Tanks58.19%2287
Centurion AXMedium Tanks38.71%1541
E 100Heavy Tanks58.76%2168
T110E5Heavy Tanks58.71%2804
M48 PattonMedium Tanks52.23%2324
Obj. 140Medium Tanks51.02%2302
keegtrawRecruit1333154.7%195053.99%2191Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
moose_338Recruit1242552.06%145757.78%2133Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
TheFeloniousDutchmanRecruit2514252.45%152250%1248Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks46.71%1899
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks52.65%1929
Type 5 HeavyHeavy Tanks60%2143
IS-4Heavy Tanks58.33%1145
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks55.56%2086
MausHeavy Tanks53.52%1425
IS-7Heavy Tanks45.22%1492
E 100Heavy Tanks50%1979
E 50 MMedium Tanks62.5%1054
T-62AMedium Tanks53.5%1994
FV4005Tank Destroyers53.92%1652
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks45.38%1857
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks53.66%1276
M60Medium Tanks50.56%1639
Obj. 140Medium Tanks52.08%1650
Obj. 430Medium Tanks75%2009
Grille 15Tank Destroyers51.32%1526
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks41.38%1552
dusmanescuRecruitment Officer8557750.83%1293100%683Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
TVP T 50/51Medium Tanks47.3%1320
Progetto 65Medium Tanks44.58%1236
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks54.95%1632
STB-1Medium Tanks38.89%768
Strv 103BTank Destroyers47.62%1286
FV215bHeavy Tanks42.86%563
IS-7Heavy Tanks46.3%1129
Centurion AXMedium Tanks53.39%1375
E 100Heavy Tanks48.21%1082
Obj. 268Tank Destroyers39.66%783
T-62AMedium Tanks45.83%1098
T110E3Tank Destroyers48%1227
Foch 155Tank Destroyers36.67%883
FV4005Tank Destroyers48.39%1080
M48 PattonMedium Tanks56.9%1425
Leopard 1Medium Tanks46.15%1485
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks56.25%1640
AMX 30 BMedium Tanks41.56%1153
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks46.15%937
Obj. 140Medium Tanks72.73%1244
WT E 100Tank Destroyers52.94%1407
AMX 13 105Light Tanks47.62%978
Foch BTank Destroyers50%821
EBR 105Light Tanks64.29%687
Obj. 430UMedium Tanks57.89%1284
K-91Medium Tanks33.33%448
themanwithanrx7Commander1312154.93%223257.14%1444Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
B-C 25 tMedium Tanks53.28%2859
113Heavy Tanks65.91%2413
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks64.89%2948
IS-7Heavy Tanks53.4%2177
T92 HMCSPGs50.46%2088
Obj. 261SPGs57.62%3324
T110E5Heavy Tanks51.93%2509
B-C 155 58SPGs60.87%2153
T-62AMedium Tanks54.6%2669
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks59.38%2837
Obj. 907Medium Tanks54.17%2158
Obj. 140Medium Tanks58.33%2780
121BMedium Tanks0%0
RenamedUser_1018722170Executive Officer5257.69%114850%2031Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
GalaxicStarRecruit1020252.3%159454.95%2418Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
FV215b 183Tank Destroyers55.88%1730
torino2dcPrivate1230251.75%139549.33%1785Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
STB-1Medium Tanks47.11%1475
121Medium Tanks53.79%1710
AMX 50 BHeavy Tanks49.78%1638
Leopard 1Medium Tanks46.36%1767
T57 HeavyHeavy Tanks54.95%1565
S. ConquerorHeavy Tanks42.86%1203
TH3_ST0RMPrivate146950.71%153150.72%1549Toggle tank list
TankClassWin RateWN8
Vz. 55Heavy Tanks46.15%1418
WZ-111 5AHeavy Tanks51.67%1570
Sento_IsuRecruit3100%2585--Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.
XSerpent_LordXRecruit9244.57%45841.77%424Player has no tier 10 tanks or there is no recent data.

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