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My name is Lucas, I'm a full stack web developer from Brazil. Taking care of WoTLabs has become a bit like my second job. There is a lot to be done and it is always improving, and I enjoy it greatly, especially thanks to the support of many amazing people on the NA Forums who have followed and supported this project since it started.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me on the forums or in-game, just look for Neverwish. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates and other cool stuff.
Color Scale
This is a reference chart for the different colors found on the ratings of the signature images.

Keep in mind that ratings are skewed for low battle counts and new players who are still learning the game. This scale will not apply properly to you until you have at least a few thousand battles under your belt.
Win rate WN8 Rating
Under 46% Under 300
46% 300 to 449
47% 450 to 649
48% to 49% 650 to 899
50% to 51% 900 to 1199
52% to 53% 1200 to 1599
54% to 55% 1600 to 1999
56% to 59% 2000 to 2449
60% to 64% 2450 to 2899
65% + 2900 +
Color Keys
Very Bad
Below Average
Above Average
Very Good
Super Unicum
% Percentile

If you want to use this scale on your XVM, you can download the colors.xc file by clicking here.
To install, place this file in /res_mods/configs/xvm/

Keep in mind that this will only work if your XVM is configured to use multiple config files instead of it being all on a single xvm.xc file, in which case the scale needs to be changed manually.

You can see the exact table WoTLabs uses to calculate your WN8 rating by clicking here: WN Expected Tank Values.
ASIA Server Stats
Average Win Rate:48.69%
Average WN8:914
Recent Win Rate:48.05%
Recent WN8:985
Average Tier:5.87
Players Tracked:465075
Clans Tracked:9227

Active Players
Average Win Rate:49.06%
Average WN8:1174
Recent Win Rate:49.06%
Recent WN8:1282
Average Tier:7.09
Tank Stats
TankAvg. Bat.WRWN8
Type 59114151.46%1628
B-C 25 t51948.97%1559
B-C 155 5842047.86%1276
WT E 10040048.36%1550
Foch 15538449.16%1472
AMX 13 9037650%1331

Complete Tank Statistics

Top 10 Tankers
TankerBattlesWN8Win Rate
Top 10 Clans
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